Solar Aviation Obstruction Lights

Ideal for challenging environments where traditional power energy is impractical. Autonomous obstruction lights powered by solar panels.

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Solar Obstruction Lights

Self-contained photovoltaic systems that are “drop and forget” systems. Designed for areas where traditional power is challenging, these autonomous lights are powered by solar panels. Ensure uninterrupted marking for obstructive structures and embrace sustainable lighting with our solar-powered solution:

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About our Solar Obstruction Lights

In environments where traditional power energy poses challenges, our solar-powered obstruction lighting system offers an environmentally friendly and often the only viable solution. Designed to withstand tough conditions the system utilizes solar panels and a 12V battery system. We only use widely available batteries. The system can be surface mounted, mounted onto a skid, or mounted onto a pole. Additional or custom requests can be adopted into the system.

Why select our lighting systems?

  • Our solar obstruction lighting systems are sturdy, high-performing and offer impressive accessibility.
  • They provide a long operational lifespan, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Engineered to resist shocks and vibrations effectively.
  • Prompt worldwide delivery of both standard and customised lighting solutions.
  • Our products are durable, incorporating the latest technology and high-quality materials.
  • Compliance with universal aviation regulations is a standard.
  • Designed for uncomplicated installation and reliable functionality in all environments.
  • Safety and maximum light output are our priorities.

Where can you use our obstruction lighting products?

Our lighting units have the flexibility to be used for marking an array of structures and areas:

  • Wind Turbines: Our solar obstruction lighting solutions are ideal for wind turbines.
  • Buildings: Marking Lights designed to enhance building visibility.
  • Cranes: Lights that mark cranes to ensure safety.
  • Pylons: Marking Lights to improve pylon visibility.
  • High Voltage Lines: Specialized indicators for high voltage lines.
  • Stacks: Lights for effective marking of stacks or chimneys.
  • Civil Engineering Structures: Lights suitable for different engineering structures.
  • Airports & Heliports: Markings for airports and heliports to ensure clear visibility.

What types of obstruction lighting products do we offer?