Aviation Obstruction Lighting

Aviation obstruction light in low- and medium intensity for aviation obstacle marking. Ensure the safety of high-rise structures during the toughest weather conditions.

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Medium Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light

Marking of structures that exceed 45 meters, or in need of enhanced visibilty, with our top-tier obstruction lights.
Designed for high-rise structures such as towers, wind turbines, and more:

Low Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light

Ensure proper marking for aerial obstacles below 45 meters or in combination with Medium Intensity lighting, with our reliable low intensity obstruction lights. Designed specifically for this type of structures, our lights offer the perfect solution to mark and enhance visibility for towers, buildings, and other obstacles:

Controllers for Aviation Obstruction Light

Empower and safeguard your obstruction lights with our control systems. Our electrical switchgear is specifically designed to meet the needs of powering, safeguarding, and monitoring your obstruction lights. With optional systems to indicate operational issues and provide adequate surge protection where needed:

Main control system for Obstruction Lighting Systems

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About our Aircraft Warning Lights

Experience the excellence of our comprehensive LED Obstruction Lighting Systems, catering to both low and medium intensity requirements. Our systems can be powered by mains, low voltage, or solar power sources. As trusted suppliers of obstacle lighting systems, we offer a diverse range of solutions, including tower obstacle lights, aviation warning lights, obstacle marking for wind turbines, and red beacon marking for tall buildings. Our expertise allows us to design systems that range from simple and basic setups to more complex configurations with redundancy systems, alarming features, synchronization, and failure detection. With our high-quality obstruction lights, we provide reliable solutions for the most challenging conditions worldwide, ensuring pilots can easily identify obstacles and guaranteeing the safety of high-rise structures.

Why choose our aviation obstruction light products?

  • Robust, high-performance lighting systems with exceptional accessibility.
  • Long operating life without the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Built to withstand shocks and vibrations effectively.
  • Timely delivery of standard lighting systems or customized solutions worldwide.
  • Products designed for durability, incorporating the latest technology and highest quality materials.
  • Compliance with international aviation regulations.
  • Easy installation and reliable functionality in any environment.
  • Ensuring safety and providing maximum power for lighting purposes.

Where can you use our aviation obstruction light products?

Our obstruction lighting units are versatile and can be utilized for the marking of various structures and areas including:

  • Wind turbines: Obstacle lights specifically designed for wind turbines.
  • Buildings: Obstacle lights for enhancing visibility of buildings.
  • Cranes: Obstacle lights to mark cranes and ensure safety.
  • Pylons: Obstacle lights to mark pylons and ensure visibility.
  • High voltage lines: Markings to indicate high voltage lines.
  • Stacks: Obstacle lights for marking stacks or chimneys.
  • Civil engineering structures: Obstacle lights suitable for civil engineering structures.
  • Airports & Heliports: Markings for airports and heliports to ensure clear visibility.

What types of aviation obstruction lighting products do we offer?

We supply obstruction lighting in the following product categories: