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Medium Intensity Obstacle light for night time marking of structures that present a hazard to aviation.

• Flashes Red visible light.
• Solar skid that provides autonomous off-grid operation.


Medium Intensity Obstacle light for night time marking of structures that present a hazard to aviation. Flashes Red visible light. Solar skid that provides autonomous off-grid operation.

Key Features

• Two years warranty
• Compact and Lightweight
• GPS Flash synchronization
• ICAO Type B compliant
• Built-in photocell
• Coated Stainless Steel skid structure
• 100.000 hours design life
• Easy to install

Performance characteristics

• 150 hours (12 nights) autonomous operation
• Horizontal beam pattern: 360°
• Flashing: 20 FPM
• Effective intensity: 2.000cd red
• Vertical beam pattern: 3° FWHM

Electrical characteristics

• Operating voltage: 12Vdc
• Battery capacity: 56.2Ah
• Battery type: AGM Battery
• Solar Panel: 110 Watt/peak Monocrystalline
• System power consumption: 4,8Watt @ 20 FPM

Physical characteristics

• System dimensions: L x W x H: 1200x661x371 mm
• Mounting position: see drawing, next page
• Mounting: 4x Ø12 (M10x50> /excluded)
• Weight: 32,1 kg
• Gross Weight: 49 kg
• Design degree of protection: IP65
• Skid material: SS304, powder coated (SS316 optional)
• Operating temperature range:
-20 oC/+50 oC


• ICAO certified: Regarding Aerodromes, found in Annex 14 Volume 1, 8th Edition, dated July 2018,
 addressing Medium-intensity Type A/B/C lighting requirements outlined in Chapter 6.

• FAA Compliance: Adhering to FAA standards detailed in Advisory Circular AC 150/5345-43J, which provides specifications for Obstruction Lighting Equipment. This includes FAA types L-864 and L-885, with the latest revision dated March 11, 2019.

Solar Behaviour

Calculated for the Netherlands

Provided information is based on the solar panel placement in optimal position towards the south. The data is based on Photovoltaic geographical information system at the European commission. The test location is The Netherlands. Data used are worst case numbers.

PVGIS-5 estimates of solar electricity generation

Provided inputs

  • Latitude/Longitude: 51.494,3.625
  • Horizon: Calculated
  • Database used: PVGIS-SARAH2
  • PV installed: 110 Wp
  • Battery capacity: 674.4 Wh
  • Slope angle: 30 °
  • Azimuth angle 0 °
  • Cutoff limit: 40 %
  • Consumption per day: 35 Wh (17,5 hours of operation)

Simulation outputs

  • Percentage days with full battery: 91.19 %
  • Percentage days with empty battery: 0 %
  • Average energy not captured: 252.3 Wh
  • Average energy missing: 13.92 Wh

Order codes

Configuration table:

Order Code Light Performance (Day) Light Performance (Twilight) Light Performance (Night)
OWS-S-MIOL-B -20 OFF OFF 2.000cd 20FPM Red


General dimensions

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Medium Intensity Solar Obstruction Light

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