Explosion proof Medium Intensity Obstruction Light
type B

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Explosion proof obstruction light medium intensity

Explosion proof Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

The Explosion Proof Obstruction Light Medium Intensity 2000 cd is in compliance with ICAO/FAA/CAP437. The Light is a 2000 cd red obstruction light for Hazardous Area. 

At all radials throughout the omnidirectional 360 degrees, there must be a peak effective intensity of 2000 ±25% candela. There must also be a minimum effective intensity of 750 candela throughout a minimum vertical beam spread of 3 degrees. Multiple light units may be used to achieve a horizontal coverage of 360 degrees. The flash rate varies from 20 fpm to 60 fpm depending on the chosen configuration.


Key Features

• Easy to install
• 100.000 hours design life
• Low maintenance required over service life
• Low power consumption
• Long life power supply to match LED life

Performance characteristics

• Horizontal beam pattern: 360°
• Effective intensity: 2.000cd
• Vertical beam pattern: 4° FWHM


• Atex certificate
• IECEx certificate
• INMETRO certificate
• EASA test report (EN 17025 laboratory) nr. 326-QL20-R09/R10
• CE marking


• ICAO Aerodromes -Annex 14 Vol. 1, Chapter
6: Medium intensity, Type B flashing obstacle
light MIOL-B type or Type C steady burning
obstacle light MIOL-C type
• FAA AC150/5345-43 E.B. #67 type L-864
• EASA CS-ADR-DSN, Chapter Q

Hazardous marking

• Hazardous Area: Zone 1 and 2
  ATEX marking:
     – II 2GD
     Ex eb mb op is IIC T6 Gb; Ex
     op is tb IIIC T80°C Db
     – II 3GD
     Ex eb mb IIC T6 Gc;
     Ex tb IIIC T80°C Dc

  IECEx marking:
     – Ex eb mb op is IIC T6 Gb;
     Ex op is tb IIIC T80°C Db
     – Ex eb mb IIC T6 Gc;
     Ex tb IIIC T80° Dc

Electrical characteristics

• Operating voltage:
– 12/24Vdc
– 115/230Vac
• Power consumption:
– 20fpm: 1,5W
– 40fpm: 3W
– 60fpm: 4,5W

Physical characteristics

• Dimensions: L x W x H: 215x215x220 mm
• Mounting position: see drawing, page 3
• Mounting: 4x Ø11mm (M10)
• Weight: 12 kg
• Design degree of protection: IP66
• Operating temperature range:
-30 ºC/+50 ºC
• Cable Outer Dimension: 12 – 19mm
• Cable type: H07RN-F 3×2,5mm² 

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