Explosion proof Medium Intensity Obstruction Light
Dual type AB

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Explosion proof light medium intensity.

Explosion proof Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

The Obstruction Light Medium Intensity is an ICAO compliance 20000 cd White for daytime operation and 2000 cd for night time operation obstruction light.

At all radials throughout the omnidirectional 360 degrees, there is a peak effective intensity of 20.000 ±25% candela at daytime/twilight and a peak effective intensity of 2.000 ±25% candela at night. Multiple light units may be used to achieve a horizontal coverage of 360 degrees. The flash rate varies from 20 fpm to 60 fpm depending on the chosen configuration.


Key Features

• Easy to install
• 100.000 hours design life
• Low maintenance required over service life
• Low power consumption
• Long life power supply to match LED life

Performance characteristics

• Horizontal beam pattern: 360°
• Effective intensity: 20.000cd daytime white, 2.000cd nighttime red
• Vertical beam pattern: 4° FWHM 


• Atex certificate
• IECEx certificate
• INMETRO certificate
• CE marking


• ICAO Aerodromes -Annex 14 Vol. 1, Chapter 6: Medium intensity, Type A flashing obstacle light MIOL-A type
• FAA AC150/5345-43F E.B. #67 Lamp type L-865
• EASA CS-ADR-DSN, Chapter Q

Hazardous marking

• Hazardous Area: Zone 1 and 2
  ATEX marking:
     – II 2GD
     Ex eb mb op is IIC T6 Gb; Ex
     op is tb IIIC T80°C Db
     – II 3GD
     Ex eb mb IIC T6 Gc;
     Ex tb IIIC T80°C Dc

  IECEx marking:
     – Ex eb mb op is IIC T6 Gb;
     Ex op is tb IIIC T80°C Db
     – Ex eb mb IIC T6 Gc;
     Ex tb IIIC T80° Dc

Electrical characteristics

• Operating voltage:
  – 12/24Vdc
  – 115/230Vac
• Power consumption (@20fpm):
  – day mode: 45W
  – night mode: 10W
  Power consumption (@40fpm):
  – day mode: 110W
  – night mode: 12W
  Average power consumption (@60fpm):
  – day mode: 160W
  – night mode: 16W

Physical characteristics

• Dimensions: L x W x H: 200x318x482 mm
• Mounting position: see drawing, page 3
• Mounting: 4x Ø11mm (M10)
• Weight: 12 kg
• Design degree of protection: IP66
• Operating temperature range:
-30 ºC/+50 ºC
• Cable Outer Dimension: 12 – 19mm
• Cable type: H07RN-F 3×2,5mm²

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